Solar ultrasonic dog repeller


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Solar panel: 5.5 V

Material: ABS

Battery: 4*2/ 3AA, 300mAh, Ni-MH (rechargeable)

Frequency: 25-61KHz

Size: 12*13*5cm

Effective range: just in front of the 110° sector area, the range is 6-8 meters


The mosquito repellent emits a super loud, loud and powerful mixture of LED strobe lights, thereby repelling all animals and pests, making the pests/animals leave the area in panic. There are no chemicals or pesticides, no traps, and no dead animals. Humane and respect the environment.

IP44 waterproof and weatherproof, unique seal and design allows you to fix the device anywhere. This outdoor pet distributor runs 24 hours a day, day and night, and is very suitable for outdoor activities, such as gardens, shipyards, decks, garages, walkways, decks, farms, ponds, but also roofs, etc. Ideal for protecting property! ◆Note: Please do not completely immerse in water.

For humans, part of the frequency range is audible (16-20kHz). This is not a place of concern. Please place the animal dispenser as far as possible from the living room. Do not install the device where children and babies play.

A powerful ultrasound will scare animals. When animals enter the range of the PIR detector, sound waves are activated, which annoys the animals and causes them to leave the problem area.

Weight 0.39 kg
Dimensions 145 × 130 × 100 cm



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