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Product information:

Material: polyester thread

Scope of application: clothing, home textiles, apparel, shoes, hats, bags

Pattern: as shown

Shape: Irregular

Adhesive: hot melt adhesive

Material: Twill, cotton twill, polyester-cotton TC twill, cotton canvas, satin cloth, velvet cloth, etc.

Back treatment: back glue (hot melt glue, self-adhesive glue, hard glue), Velcro (hook surface, wool surface), backing, etc.

Edge treatment: overlocking/embroidery edging/laser cutting/hot cutting/die stamping/manual cutting, etc.

Special badge: woven label + embroidery / printing + embroidery / sequin + embroidery / towel embroidery / flat embroidery

Purpose: clothes/shoes/gloves/hats/bags


How to use cloth stickers

Place the cloth sticker at the target position, the cloth sticker. It is recommended to cover it with a white thin cotton cloth

The temperature of the iron is adjusted to cotton and linen, about 150°C

Iron a little harder for 20-30 seconds and then cool down

Sew a few stitches on the edge of the cloth with a needle and thread after the ironing is done.

The ironing method is recommended for cotton and linen fabrics,

Sweater/leather/mesh/smooth or rough fabrics are recommended to be sewn with needles and threads

Packing list:


Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 30 cm

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