Multifunctional Insect Repellent Outdoor Portable Ultrasonic Electronic Repellent


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Commodity information:

Kind: Multifunctional insect repellent

Whether to support charging: Support

Shape: square

Rated voltage: 3.7 (V)

Rated frequency: 80-450 (HZ)

Rated power: 5 (W)

Function: Essential oil atomization to repel mosquitoes and insects

Gear function:

Level 1: Lightly press the switch once, turn on the machine and start the low-frequency ultrasonic wave to drive away mice and mosquitoes, and the working indicator will light up the blue breathing light.

2nd gear: Press the switch twice to start high-frequency ultrasonic drive + continuous essential oil spray drive. At this time, the work indicator light turns to yellow breathing light, and it will automatically stop after spraying essential oil (continuous spraying for 12 minutes when full of water)

Stop spraying to prevent dry burning, the light turns back to the blue breathing light, and the function only leaves the ultrasound to continue working.

Level 3: Press the switch 3 times to activate the ultrasonic + intermittent essential oil spray driving mode, spray once every 1 second-plant essential oil and water mixed mist water, at this time the work indicator light will light up the colorful breathing light, spray finish

The oil automatically cuts off the spray function to prevent dry burning. At the same time, the light changes back to the blue breathing light function and only the ultrasonic drive is left.

Charging performance: charging display red breathing light, full charge display green light.

List of accessories:

1. Liquid dropper*1

2. USB charging cable*1

3. Host *1

4. Manual *1

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 80 × 50 × 90 cm

Black, White


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