Luminous Electronic Clock With Perpetual Calendar


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Product information:

Material: PC+ABS

Style: simple and modern

Size: 30*5*3 [cm]

Color classification: black shell warm white light WIFI version

Voltage: DC 5V

Current: less than 500MA

Power consumption: less than 2.5W

Working temperature: 0-55 degrees Celsius

Working humidity: less than 95 (no condensation)

Wireless network: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n

Backup battery: CR1220

Size: 30*5*3 cm (length, height and thickness)



LED display, brightness adjustable;.

NTP time synchronization, after ultra-high-precision networking, the error is less than 1 second;

High-precision clock module, the annual error is plus or minus 1 minute when there is no network;

Built-in CR1220 battery, it can supply power to the time chip when the power is cut, so that the time is right when the power is turned on;

Webpage controls the clock, what you see is what you get;

The display content has timedatetemperatureweek, which can be displayed individually or in combination;

Brightness adjustment has fixedtimed brightnesstimed switch;

Time server time zone setting, which can be used in different countries and regions;

System functions are initialized and restored to factory settings.

Note: This clock can be used normally without networking.

Packing list:

Luminous electronic clock with perpetual calendar*1

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 300 × 50 × 30 cm

Black shell warm white light W




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