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The design of hand-held metal detectors always has excellent characteristics, is easy to operate and maintain, and is not heavy. In this case, the person who holds them will not feel tired after holding them for a long time. Another key point of hand-held metal detectors is that such metal detectors always have high sensitivity, 

and some of them can even detect small objects such as pins. For example, when people carry guns or lives, hand-held metal detectors can detect them within a certain distance. Once such objects are found, an alarm can be issued immediately so that people can understand the situation in time and prevent people from carrying them. This kind of hand-held metal detector is used to protect people’s safety.

Product information:

Model: 5600

Power supply: 9 (V)

Alarm mode: sound plus vibration

Measuring range: 3-5cm

Detecting metal size: a one-yuan coin can detect 3 cm

Weight: 200 (g)

Packing list:   


Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 300 × 100 × 100 cm

Brown, Green


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