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1. Design: Handheld network type, small and light, easy to carry when going out, easy to atomize anytime, anywhere

2. Particles: The fog is large, the atomized particles are fine, the particles are about ≤3.7μm, and the drug is fully absorbed

3. Speed: Microporous spray sheet, atomization speed ≥0.25ml/min

4. Sound: through piezoelectric components, low noise design mute

5. Less residue: drug residue ≤0.5ml, economical to use

6. Atomization mode: According to different situations, you can choose two atomization methods, namely mask atomization (divided into human and child masks) and mouthpiece atomization

7. Flashing light reminder: The light is on, it means normal operation, and the light is flashing, it means the battery is dead or the voltage is low

8. Energy saving and environmental protection: The mask is comfortable, skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. The mask is made of PP (polypropylene) as the main material, and does not contain DEHP (ie plasticizer/plasticizer)

9. Independent components: independent atomization components, easy to clean, one-click disassembly, easy to clean and disinfect, to avoid cross-infection

10. Automatic shutdown: Automatic shutdown when there is no liquid in the cup or the voltage is insufficient

11. Power configuration: 2 power sources, convenient for home travel, use 2 AA alkaline batteries or use USB power cord

12. Advantages: Quiet, portable, fine particles, large fog, less residue,

★Product parameters:

product name:

Grid atomizer

Residual amount of liquid medicine: ≤0.5mL

Atomization speed: ≥0.25ml/minh Atomization particles: about ≤3.7μmh

Medicine cup capacity: small about 0.5mL and large 10mL Noise: ≤50dB (A)

Working frequency: 110KHz±10% Power consumption: 2.0W

Power configuration: DC5V/1000mA USB power cord or 2*1.5V (2 No. 5 AA alkaline, the product does not contain batteries. Material: ABS+PP

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 140 × 90 × 60 cm

Blue, Green, Grey


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