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✔️【TPU】The baby floats without smells of chemicals. High-quality swimwear fabric and TPU film wrap which looks like leather but touches like skin. Fast dry and the bacteria are hard to breed on this foam baby swim float.

✔️【3D】soft cloth outside, Similar to swimsuit fabrics.Soft, breathable, elastic

Pearl foam inside, fully sealed waterproof membrane in middle(easy dry)


Updated version in 2021
The Pro airless swimming buoy has water resistance and more safety features, creating a perfect new generation of swimming coach for 2021. Our unique swimming coach uses pearl technology foam.

100% safe swimwear
Don’t worry about water leakage! This baby swimming buoy has pearl foam inside. Buy this swimming buoy and buy it safe for your baby to swim in the water!

[Breaststroke / backstrke support] Safety buckle swimming buoy, soft material. It not only keeps your baby safe, but also allows your baby to use different curling methods for backstroke or chest lift.

The third improved version
The baby bath has a detachable canopy. The detachable and assembled anti-ultraviolet awning is covered with UPF 50 + sunscreen coating to protect the baby’s skin from the sun. Let your baby enjoy the fun of swimming in summer.

Improved safety buckle
The improved safety buckle provides 5 supporting bridges and a perfect 40° angle to maintain balance, allowing the baby to turn over and fall. Improved the backstroke and breaststroke swimming methods, using different curling methods. The back circumference is suitable for babies aged 3-6 months, and the breaststroke is suitable for babies aged 3-24 months.

✔️ Suitable for children weighing 13-40 pounds. Suitable for children from 3 to 24 months. The adjustable buckle on the back is suitable for babies of most sizes. It’s easy to fix. Remove the safety clip and put it on easily. If necessary, you can tighten it to prevent slipping. Helps to move freely in a comfortable posture


Suitable for babies 2 years old – 5 years old, 12-28kg

Weight Limit: 22kgs MAX (44lbs)

Suitable for babies with sensitive skin (Swim cloth)

Package Content: 

 A is the lap ring; B is the arm ring; C is the lap ring + sunshade; D is the belly ring + tail; F is the belly ring + tail + sunshade

1 x Swimming Ring Floats 

CJWJYEYE01837-TPU climb green set=CJWJYEYE01837-TPU climb green+CJWJYEYE01837-Green Awning 

CJWJYEYE01837-TPU climb pink set=CJWJYEYE01837-TPU climb pink+CJWJYEYE01837-Pink Awning

CJWJYEYE01837-A blue set=CJWJYEYE01837-A blue+CJWJYEYE01837-Blue Awning

Weight 0.44 kg
Dimensions 500 × 300 × 100 cm

3D Armpit flaot green, 3D Armpit flaot pink, 3D underarm blue, A blue, A blue set, A green, A pink, B blue, B green, B pink, Blue Awning, C green, C pink, D blue, D pink, F blue, Green Awning, Pink Awning, TPU Red rocket, TPU Rocket Red Canopy, TPU canopy Koala, TPU canopy green, TPU climb green, TPU climb green set, TPU climb pink, TPU climb pink set


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